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RBI had built a nationally recognized name for its efforts fighting against human trafficking. With so much growth, both in recognition but also the size of the organization itself, there became a newfound need to rebrand in a way that felt more inclusive of the people they served.

Our approach to was to create a theme of being unapologetically bold with a typographical direction that would be easily recognizable and make their message loud and clear.

The work they do falls into a space of darkness most have a luxury not to face, let alone endure. We wanted to ensure that a movement of awareness could be created in an androgynous way that all could feel proud to share, represent and motivate the conversation.

We accomplished this from the Rebrand of The Rebecca Bender Initiative as well as Elevate Academy, their child brand and the largest online school for survivors of human trafficking in the world taught by survivors of human trafficking.

Fighting against human trafficking by equipping leaders and elevating survivors.

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"We’re OBSESSED with our new branding! You all killed it."

Rebecca Bender

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In addition to the visual elements, we focused on developing visual narratives that emphasized the power of connection and the shared experiences of survivors and supporters. By showcasing personal stories, testimonials, and partnerships, we sought to create an environment where individuals from different backgrounds could feel seen, heard, and understood. Through various communication channels and events, we encouraged dialogue and collaboration, fostering connections among diverse communities who may have faced similar challenges.

The creative decisions made during this rebranding process were all centered around the principles of inclusion, diversity, and connection. By ensuring that the brand identity and messaging spoke to and connected with individuals who may find themselves in similar situations; Rebecca Bender Initiative continues to be a powerful platform for empowerment, support, and advocacy.

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project scope

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