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As Books by Wolf grows and aiming at a niche market of general contractors with project budgets of 2 million dollar minimums, they decided it was time to move from a "friend designed" brand to one that took into the strategy of a new look and underwent a comprehensive rebranding process.

BBW repositioned itself as a strategic partner for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations and optimize their bottom line. The rebranding effort resulted in increased brand awareness and credibility with a backbone of androgynous relatability. A female led team in a traditionally male dominated field.

The company's new visual identity reflects its commitment to innovation, and reliability with a modern logo and color scheme that communicates professionalism and trust. 

Financial Planning

Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Website Design + Development
Brand Photography

project scope

"When I visited the website I saw Haley's personality right away. It radiated confidence, creativity, and a straight-forward no bs approach to what she could do for my brand and business.  "

"The most fun part was the branding photo-shoot. Haley and Brianne brought our vision to life and captured so many great photos to use for our website and social media."

Brand photography

As a business that operates primarily behind the scenes, it was important for us to highlight the features that Books by Wolf uses to set themselves apart; such as going onto construction sites when necessary, having close relationships with their clients and putting a familiar face to its brand and feature its team. 

We used multiple locations, environments and people to help tell the full story of Books by Wolf.

As a result BBW now has a consistent visual identity across all marketing materials, including social media profiles, website design and advertising.

Location Scouting
Shot-list Planning
Hair + Makeup
Wardrobe Direction

project scope

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